Questions and Answers about the Greenbug System

How does the Greenbug System work?

The Greenbug System uses an irrigation system for pest control. Like an I.V. drip into the main irrigation water line, the Greenbug System uses the irrigation system to distribute Greenbug Concentrate (the pest control product). There is a reservoir that holds the Greenbug Concentrate that feeds into a pump that dispenses the exact amount of pest control product and the sprinklers distribute it throughout the yard.

Does Greenbug get rid of all pests?

Short answer, no. If you’re looking to get rid of deer or squirrels, you’ve come to the wrong spot. But if it’s BUGS you want to control, Greenbug controls a lot! Bugs that are smell or pheromone-driven (the pests you really don’t want) are controlled by Greenbug. Bugs like roaches, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, no-see-ems, mole crickets, mites, head lice, bed bugs, silverfish, aphids, etc. These bugs are controlled by cedar which is the active ingredient in Greenbug.

What are the ingredients?

The active ingredient in Greenbug products is cedar. Yes, cedar – like cedar chests and closets where you never find bugs. It is an organic, food-grade, essential oil of the native Eastern Red Cedar which grows throughout most of the United States.

There are two formulas –
Greenbug for People/Pets is 10% cedar oil and 90% Hydrated Silica which is a liquid state of quartz rock.

Greenbug Concentrate is 85% cedar oil and 15% ethyl lactate which is a by-product of corn.

Greenbug Ready-to-Use is already diluted to a formulation of 2.8% cedar oil, .3% ethyl lactate and 96.9% water.

How does cedar control pests?

Cedar can actually controlls pests and therefore it is an excellent repellent. The reason you don’t see bugs in a cedar chest is because no creature knowingly goes where it will be controlled. Once bugs ‘smell’ the cedar, they go away. They will not nest or breed where Greenbug is present.

How does the Greenbug System change my irrigation system?

The Greenbug System works with an existing irrigation system by using everything already in place that is underground. Program A directs irrigation and Program B directs Greenbug System so your irrigation system now performs 2 vital functions –

1) Watering your landscape, &
2) Solving pest control

It is all accomplished by programming which is easy to understand.

How often do I run it?

The Greenbug System runs for 2 minutes per zone per day. Just enough time to distribute the Greenbug Concentrate.

Will I smell the Greenbug?

If you want to smell the Greenbug, you can. But it is distributed every day at such diluted levels that you have to put forth some effort to smell it. But it is a very pleasant, natural aroma that many enjoy.

What about Honey Bees? Butterflies?

The active ingredient in Greenbug is cedar which has no affect on honey bees. It also has no affect on butterflies. That is because cedar only affects smell-driven pests and these two pollinators are sight-driven, meaning they find their food source through sight instead of smell.

What about pets, birds, animals, fish, reptiles, etc.?

Greenbug is fine for all of these! Greenbug offers control on bugs ONLY. And no, it doesn’t get rid of deer, squirrels, skunks, raccoons or poorly behaved children.

How much will the Greenbug Concentrate cost me each year?

This depends on how many zones you have, if you winterize your irrigation system each year and how ‘buggy’ your climate is. Typically, the cost is between $300-600 year which has an average of 6 irrigation zones running the Greenbug throughout the year.

Is this cedar from managed forests?

No, and here is why- most of our cedar oil comes from West Texas where cedar trees are considered an invasive, native species. That means it grows all over the place in places people don’t want it. Literally, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

How do you get irrigation and Greenbug to run at separate times?

It is all in the programming. Typically, Program A in the brains directs Irrigation and Program B directs Greenbug.

Does the Greenbug System offer flexibility in programming when my irrigation runs?

Absolutely! There are multiple programs that can be used.

What about the plants in my Garden? What about my vegetables?

Greenbug should not be applied in the heat of the day in full sun and that is because of the water in the irrigation system shouldn’t be run under those circumstances. Greenbug causes no issues for plants. As for vegetables, Greenbug is NOT systemic so it does not alter the plant’s taste. But we do suggest you wash your vegetables before eating them regardless. And our ingredients of cedar oil and ethyl lactate have been identified as friendly to organic crop production.