Irrigation System + Greenbug = Automatic Pest Control

What’s bugging you?

Is it Mosquitoes, Fleas, No-see-ems, Mole Crickets, Ants, or Roaches?

Let’s face it, these pests are uninvited guests. So don’t invite them in – use Greenbug to kindly tell them they aren’t welcome.

Pests aren’t welcome here. And the Greenbug will make that very clear.

For just 2 minutes per zone per day, control of pests begins immediately. Breeding patterns are disrupted and future bugs steer clear of the property because of Greenbug. Using an active ingredient of cedar, Greenbug controls the pests you don’t want. You don’t see pests because cedar controls pests. But cedar is fine for humans, animals, the environment and beneficial creatures like honey bees and butterflies.

The Greenbug System delivers like an I.V. drip into your irrigation lines. Everywhere water is directed will have pest control.

And it is completely automatic!