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Professional Mosquito Control

GreenBug offers the areas only natural cedar oil mosquitoes control system in the area. Our patented mosquito system uses your landscape sprinklers and irrigation to deliver a safe and effective barrier against mosquitoes and other dangerous pests.

Keeping your property and landscape free of mosquitoes in the Lowcountry can be a challenge. Our hot, wet and humid weather often creates the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed and the long season just complicates matters more. Mosquitoes are a serious health threat, and they can easily spread diseases like Zika virus and West Nile virus.

However, GreenBug Systems has come up with a solution to help protect your family and landscape using natural cedar oil dispersed through your sprinkler system.  Our natural cedar oil mosquito control system is a safe and effective way to mosquito-proof your yard without using harmful chemicals. Cedar oil is a natural mosquito repellent that is safe for people, pets and the environment.

Automatic Pest Control That Is Better
Than Any Mosquito Misting System

The Greenbug System works in tandem with your home irrigation system to control insects. 

Our system works like magic and makes sure that your yard remains your yard, all while staying environmentally friendly. It has been our life’s mission to bring this system to homes in the Lowcountry, and we cannot wait to install it in your home! 

Mosquito yard fogging simply doesn’t work and is only a short term solution. Plus, many mosquito control companies use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to people, pets and beneficial insects. In addition to the effectives of our system it’s also easier to maintain than other mosquito misting systems and mounted nozzles on the market today.

We Offer Professional Mosquito Control In The Following Cities and More!

GreenBug is a local supplier and installer of automatic pest control systems throughout the Lowcountry. Our patented irrigation based systems use natural cedar oil to deter pest and protect beneficial insects.

  • Ridgeland, SC
  • Lady’s Island, SC
  • Walterboro, SC
  • Pritchardville, SC
  • St. Helena, SC