The Greenbug System

When Your Yard Is Overrun By Pests, Call Greenbug!

The Greenbug System works in tandem with your home irrigation system to control insects. 

Our system works like magic and makes sure that your yard remains your yard, all while staying environmentally friendly. It has been our life’s mission to bring this system to homes in the Lowcountry, and we cannot wait to install it in your home! 

The Greenbug method of pest control utilizes cedar from Nature (the same cedar for cedar chests and closets where you never see a bug!) which is deadly to the pests you do not want like mosquitoes, no-see-ems, ticks, ants, fleas, chiggers, etc., but is fine for people, pets and the environment.  A Greenbug System offers pest control without the use of hazardous, harsh pesticides. 

What Makes Our Formula So Special?

Cedarwood Oil is the active component in Greenbug products. There aren’t any bugs visible in cedar chests and closets, just as there won’t be any spiders or ticks around your yard.

Cedar oil is a kind of essential oil extracted from coniferous trees. It’s made from fallen leaves and wood, roots, and stumps that have been left behind after timbercutting. It has a wide range of applications in medicine, art, industry, and perfumery, and while the qualities of oils produced from various species may differ, they all have bactericidal and insecticidal properties.

Any odor or pheromone-driven pest can’t endure cedar; it’s natures pesticide. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, fire ants, and other pests use their sense of smell to detect food. So the biters like mosquitoes and fleas bite humans because they smell them. Contact control (when sprayed directly) and then overall control when used repeatedly keeps bugs at bay. Pests cannot stand Greenbug!

The essence of cedar is safe for sight-driven animals like people, dogs, birds, honey bees, and butterflies – it simply has a pleasant, natural scent. Keep the outdoors but limit the pests!

Greenbug Works Like Magic

The cedar oil’s natural pesticidal qualities are utilized in our Greenbug system to create a protective scent barrier around your property that repels undesirable pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and chiggers. The Greenbug system is a safe, all-natural approach to rid your home of pests without the use of harsh pesticides.

Its Automatic And Effective

The GreenBug System Installs In With Your Irrigation

How Was Greenbug Developed

For years, the Landscaper Owners Louise and Dan Hodges had worked in the landscaping business providing beautiful outdoor settings for their clients to enjoy. The bugs became a major issue as soon as they moved to the coast of South Carolina. They were compelled to discover a pest control technique that was in sync with their environmental dedication.

It became clear that traditional pest control solutions were not something they could support, so they set out to discover anything they might produce and sell to others with confidence. It had to function well and it had to be safe!

The active component, cedar, is fantastic! Cedar is just a wonderful, natural, and pleasant scent to humans, animals, and the environment. But, to bugs it’s a sign to get out of dodge. Greenbug was born!

After years of selling items, Louise developed the Greenbug System, which allows the Greenbug Concentrate to be dispersed across an entire property by way of your irrigation system. Hundreds of satisfied clients in South Carolina and Georgia have Greenbug Systems, which has eradicated pests from their properties.

We Want To Help Your Yard!

It is our passion to help our clients keep their outdoor space free of pests. With our work and your yard, you’ll next outdoor BBQ will be the talk of the town!  

Can We Help Control Your Pests?